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   Guillermo Lucchetti, "Staff Support"
   Veronica Lozoya ("VL"), Client Coordinator
   Kim Cole,
"Social Security Technical Expert"
   Irma Gomez,
Workers' Compensation Liason
Leonardo Torres, "Non-English Speaking Client Coordinator"



Kim Cole
Kim Cole

Ms. Kim Cole is the newest addition to the team.  After nearly 38 years working for the Social Security Agency, she decided it was time for a change.  Her Title when she left was “Technical Expert” and that aptly describes her.  Kim doesn’t just know the Rules and Regulations, she has spent decades applying them to individual claims and showing others how to do so.  If it has to do with paperwork and electronic forms (and there is a whole lot of it in cases like these) Kim knows what it is and how to deal with it.

You will see Kim at the beginning and the end of the Social Security Disability claims process.  While getting the claim through the system the right way is extremely important, what happens at the end – actually getting paid – is what it’s all about. Most law firms will help you get your claim approved, take their fee and go on to the next person. Most either don’t know how or don’t take the time to show you what you need to do to be sure the benefit amount is correct.  Being underpaid or overpaid happens far more often than people realize. While it is up to you to supply the correct information, we do tell you what information you  need and help you understand what you need to do.

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Irma Gomez
Irma Gomez,
General Assistant

Ms. Irma Gomez is the heart and soul of the Workers Compensation division at Hodson and Mullin. She has dedicated more than a decade to helping injured workers. Because of the unique relationship between Workers Compensation and Social Security claims, Irma is a valuable resource.

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Veronica Lozoya
Veronica ("VL") Lozoya,
Case Manager

Ms. Veronica (“VL”) Lozoya's specialty is people. She is a specialist in walking people through the disability benefit process and will be there for you every day. Veronica is fluent in Spanish and English.

We believe that unless you know your client and understand their challenges it is not possible to fully develop the claim.  While physical and mental illnesses have common definitions, each individual reacts to their illnesses and injuries differently.  The claim is about a person. Veronica’s  job is to get to know our clients as individuals, so we call her “Client Coordinator” instead of “Case Manager.”

VL will be your primary contact with Hodson & Mullin. She needs to know everything about you, your past jobs and your present physical and mental health. Social Security Disability Claims can take a long time to process. VL will see you through all of it.

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Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres,
Case Manager*

Mr. Leonardo (Leo) Torres is an extremely interesting and talented young man.  In addition to working with Hodson & Mullin Social Security and Workers Compensation clients, he is a small business owner of an interpretation service designed to translate during medical appointments between doctors and patients for whom English is a second language.  Like “VL”, Leo is a Client Coordinator who will walk you through the Social Security Disability process one step at a time.

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Guillermo Lucchetti
Guillermo Lucchetti

Mr. Guillermo Lucchetti is the “go–to guy” who goes to get whatever it is that needs to be gotten.  He was born in Argentina and is a recent graduate of the University of California at Berkeley where he majored in Philosophy. He hopes to go to law school in the near future.

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